A.R. Alan's "Confessions of a Slut" is a hysterical read. Similar in feel to Tara Sivec's "Seductions and Snacks" and "The Virgin Romance Novelist" by Meghan Quinn. I laughed out loud several times while reading it and the people in the doctor's office waiting room probably thought I was crazy! Thank goodness Jon Stewart has brought us all of to speed on Jewish culture, so I could understand just how funny the mom is in this book! And the sexy bits with the leading man (won't give away who that is!) are yummy!

Danielle's Domain,

Selma Brazinsky is a 34 year old, unmarried, double D gal whose Mama is always trying to set her up. Every Friday night at Shabbos dinner there is a new dud for Selma to endure. Finally, she has enough of the nonsense and joins the Love Connection, an online dating service. The men she meets are as bad, if not worse than the schmucks her Mama throws at her. After a hair mishap with Bubba, she gets a new hairdo courtesy of gay Frankie. She adopts a dog who chews up her sex toys and decides to investigate a sex toy shop whose owner is an acquaintance of Frankie. What happens next is completely outrageous. If you want to laugh good and hard, this is the book to read. A. R. Alan this is your best yet! 5 Stars

Richard Lang, of Richie's Pen and Tips

Selma Brazinksy is thirty- four and unmarried. It doesn't matter that she lives on her own, has a decent job. Her mother wants her married. So every Friday night Selma goes to her mama's for Shabbos dinner and to meet the newest single man her mother has found. Deciding to join a online dating service. Selma now spends her mornings and evening choosing men from there. With some pretty hilarious results.

What a wonderful book. You spend most of the time laughing at the antics Selma and even her mother get up to. Throw in a cast of some pretty fantastic characters. Frankie the gay hairdresser, that becomes part of the family. The Arab fruit seller that Selma takes home to Mama. The adult toy store owner, that is not only sexy as hell but wonderful in bed. The misconceptions you find out about a parent. I don't think a page goes by that doesn't have you laughing.

Lynn Smith,

Sultry tale of twenty-four year old virgin Angelica (Angel) Collins who buys a dilapidated, haunted Victorian mansion and carriage house which she plans to turn into a cafe. On a cold winter's night she meets a handsome local cop, Tom McLean who insists she spend the night with him. Since the mansion has no heat or door locks and the Chocolate Kiss killer is on the prowl, Angel reluctantly agrees. With a single passionate kiss, McLean enkindles Angel's cravings. The stage is now set for Alan to introduce the characters that both help and challenge Angel with her plans. Romance and murder build the novel's intensity to it's ultimate climax. The smooth, rhythmic prose will not let you set this book aside.

Richard Lang,