Having read now two books of Barbara Bixon's, writing under the name of A.R.Alan, I can attest that she has lived up to her image as a storyteller. A vivid imagination and lap slapping humor will make this book, a unique humorous addition that readers will not want to put down. Meredith "Merrie" Dixon's venture to Manhattan to begin a life while her divorce to Howard "Howie" gets finalized, will find herself not in the supposed rich and famous Sutton Place apartments, but in a place initially only a nightmare could conjure up.
Discover how a 5'10" redhead and a former black prostitute under 5 feet named Luella "Lulu "Pearson are able to live together as roommates. "Lulu certainly was a lollapalooza but somehow I had a good feeling that I would get used to her weirdness in no time ". Ah, good ol' Lulu – four divorces in the last six years( her ex's living on different floors) and the distinction as a "decorator "would have the entire apartment painted in black. Meet her friends Cissy and Philip – male gay midgets, her almost deaf dog Coco-Bill, and Myron the blind gorgeous lawyer, and you will come to understand why Sutton Place can never survive a "normal "rating.
It was in the laundry room that Merrie discovers a dead woman stuffed in the dryer resembling her features. Could Howie, her soon to be ex-husband that harasses her to come back to him, have been the murder thinking dead "bubbles" was Meredith? Just who, out of a list of suspects, was the murderer on Sutton Place? Audrey "bubbles "a prostitute, slept with nearly the entire apartment complex making so many likely suspects.
In this hilarious madhouse will be a real awakening of love for Merrie as she becomes attracted to Detective Pete McDougal and blind lawyer Myron and needs to make a decision. Because you never stop laughing, check out Merrie and "the gang "as they discover Howie butt naked making love in Merrie's bedroom. With pictures for the lawyers portfolio, Merrie reflects: "The stunned blind froze with her legs tightly wrapped around Howie's back, her lily-white ass still raised off the mattress".
Though you might never hire Merrie and Lulu to decorate your house they will have managed to – yes – go in business partnership together as decorators.
With plenty of suspects the startling discovery of the murderer will both shock you and terrify you. This nonstop action will culminate in divorce court where again "the gang "will be present with "feathered friends" to rally Merrie on in an episode you won't forget. Barbara Bixon's imagination has no bounds and this five-star book will entertain you relieving stress from the real world. A book I highly recommend!

Valerie Caraotta,

Sandy and his son Bryce were combing the beach with a metal detector when they discovered a gold ring, it was on a dead woman's finger. During the investigation, the Boca Raton police determined a serial killer was terrorizing the residents of the affluent Florida town. Petite blondes were raped, choked to death and had an index finger severed. The police chief's niece, Detective Catherine Delaney was assigned to the case, however she had to work with Detective Cody O'Dell whom she despised, and who seemed as interested in her as he was the murders. As the body count rose, the unlikely duo appeared to trip over themselves trying to find something that would break open the case. Simultaneously they uncovered the clue that led to the improbable suspect.

Richard Lang,

I love serial killer thrillers, so when given the opportunity to read and review "The Index Killer" I jumped on it.

Firstly, let me say how much I loved the actual crime story. I love a who-done-it mystery and police procedural mysteries so of course I enjoyed getting into all the 'suspects' heads to see who was the real killer. There were several characters that seemed to have insane killer written all over them and I couldn't wait to find out the culprit's identity. I did guess it correctly from the beginning, but I'm always good at figuring out who did it. I think the average reader will have a hard time figuring it out.

Secondly, I loved the characters. Catherine took on a life of her own, and reading about her felt like reading about a real person. She wasn't perfect, lacking a sense of humor and being a bit odd at times (especially when Cody was around), but that made her realistic and relatable. I loved getting into her head and seeing how she thinks.

Cody, the hero, had great chemistry with Cathy and I loved their banter. I was so happy when I learned that the author is working on book two and that I'll get to read more of Cathy and Cody's banter. While I loved them, I also wish to see some of the other characters make it into the second book in this series. More specifically, I want to see the two other characters I suspected to be the killer but turned out they weren't. I felt like they had more of a story to tell.

My one and only complaint about this book was the editing, but even that didn't make me put down this book. If anything, I stayed up until four AM reading it because I just couldn't put it down. It was great! And I can't wait to read what's next in store for Cathy, Cody, and the rest of the cast.

Angelina Rain,

A. R. Alan gives you a lift at the end of a bad week. Lucy tries to run a 20 acres apple orchard and to make peace out of an other wise chaotic life. Her whole world is turned up side down when an unmarked graves is found on her land followed by one of her trucks brings bombed. All kinds of strange things are happening around her that bring the FBI into the picture. In walks Davis looking like a juicy candy apple, but is he there for her or her money? This one is filled with mystery, romance, but it will keep you laughing long after you are done reading it!!!

Dreamer ,