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The new poster for my CB (Chocolate Brown) Social Club script

THE CB (CHOCOLATE BROWN) SOCIAL CLUB script is a hilarious story about three desperate young women who convert a mansion into a bordello where the MEN service the women. The cast of characters are unique, and will keep you laughing out loud and praying the cops won't arrest them. The book is available on Amazon…
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Trump’s meeting with Putin

Good morning folks. So Trump met with Putin publicly and spent more than two hours in a private discussion with only Tillerson there. So what are the Democrats and liberals gripping about now? They're not happy that the press wasn't allowed in that meeting, and notes weren't taken. Good move Mr. President. Now your enemies…
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Independence Day

Happy 4th of July everyone. Independence Day brings back many memories. As a kid living in the Bronx, New York, I remember standing on the curb on the Grand concourse to watch the parade and waving to a couple of my uncles who were in uniform and marching with their units. Young and old, strong…
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The National League of American Pen Women

The National League of American Pen women has been in existence since 1897. I'm proud to be a member and the treasurer of the Boca Raton, Florida branch.This organization celebrates female artists, writers and musicians. There are 80 branches within the USA, so my female friends - if you are creative and want to spend…
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