A.R. Alan's "The CB Social Club" is a hilarious standalone read. It's not really a romance, it's more of a risque comedy. There are some great laugh out loud moments. Similar in feel to the funny parts of Tara Sivec's books. I love the idea of turning the bordello concept on its head and having the men service the women! I could just see this as a movie. I hope someone picks up the screenplay.

Danielle's Domain,

This satisfying book has followed her first in the series entitled The Mad House on Sutton Place. In a time of separation and later divorce Meredith "Merrie" Dixon will find herself in the Sutton Place apartment rooming with Lulu and eventually assimilating Lulu's eccentric friends into her life. The book begins with Merrie's engagement to Myron Schwartz who is a blind wealthy lawyer. Tagging too close for comfort will be detective McDougal who loves her and seizes opportunity to be with her.

Lulu, an ex black hooker that stands for 4'10" in contrast to redheaded Merrie at 5'10", will find yet another lover Howard "Snookems" vanish only this fifth one not from divorce but from murder. Discover how Merrie and "the gang" find themselves in near death situations trying to solve this case. Lulu's discoveries following a letter postmarked to her from Snookems before his death will place her with possessions in which mobsters and drug dealers will stalk her and Merrie.

Merrie's pregnancy with Myron's baby will elate him and he will choose the risky operation in hopes of a better future. Vacillating throughout this book will be the murder case and who all comes into play as suspects along with the planned out future for Merrie, her baby and Myron. In dramatic hilarious fashion discover how "loss" could actually turn into "millions".

Having read both books, in this work her characters felt like family friends. Great character development makes each of them stand out in their unique "eccentric "identity that the reader will grow to love. Author Barbara Bixon that writes under the name A.R. Alan, has a humorous flair to her writing and each of her novels will entertain you from start to finish. With 11 novels to her credit, the experiences through career and travel have enabled her to imaginatively expand on characters. A storyteller at heart, this talented author, I hope will attract increasing followers as her books are definitely five-star entertaining quality.

Valerie Caraotta, The Flight of Snookems (Paperback)

Matilda comes from a poor family in Arkansas. Her dream was to just get away from the family. She ended up on a bus to New York City. She was excited but also a little scared. Lucky for her she met Olivia. Olivia's story was similar to Mat's but she has an older sister already living in the city. Matilda hadn't planned too much. She knew she wanted to paint portraits and study in Paris. Olivia didn't have that much worked out. As the bus pulls into the terminal, both girls leave the bus and start on their next journey. The next journey? Finding Olivia's older sister's apartment. From there anything is possible.

This book is one you'll get lost in quickly. In a good way. I enjoyed the well written story and the characters who were well defined. I can imagine two girls going through these situations. It brought back my first time in leaving the nest. The story is unique in many ways but I won't give too much away. I know I can't wait to read more by this author. She hooked me from the first paragraph and I know you'll enjoy it also. It's a light read that will really make you think.

I found no issues with this one.

Have You Heard My Book Review,

Matilda Carvel an artist is on her way to New York to become a artist. Meeting Olivia on the bus they soon strike up a friendship. Moving in with Olivia and her sister Trudy only until she can get on her feet. Sometimes life has other plans for us. Between drawing portraits of customers at Tony's in exchange for free food, painting apartments, working in a used furniture store and investing in friends business. Matilda finds herself busy beyond belief and starts to wonder if she will ever have time to herself and find someone to love.

Matilda was a caregiver, she always wanted to do for others and make their life easier. Even if it made her life harder. What a great cast of characters along the way. You just never knew who was going to be living in the apartment. Between cross-dressing gay lovers, which sets off Trudy's business to design clothes for cross dressers, to Olivia doing hair and makeup. A homeless lady whom to there was more then meets the eye. Matilda trying to fit in time to paint portraits. Her friend Jacob. Matilda was determined to lose her virginity and find the man to spend her happy ever after with. When was a girl going to find time amid all this mayhem. Sometimes love is staring you in the eye you just have to take a moment to see it. You find yourself laughing at loud quiet often during the book.

Lynn Smith,