The Flight of the Snookems

In A.R. Alan’s The Flight of Snookems, sizzling romance, rollicking humor, and a chilling mystery unfold at breakneck speed. Red haired, green-eyed, Meredith Dixon is gorgeous and men flock to her like ants to a picnic basket. Unfortunately, so do troubles. Very big troubles, like murder.

Since her move to Sutton Place where she shares an apartment with Lulu, a diminutive black ex-hooker, she’s followed by mysteries and mayhem. First she’s suspected of doing away with Bubbles, a notorious nymphomaniac, and no sooner is she found innocent of that crime, than she’s smack into another mystery. This time it’s Snookems, Lulu’s lover, who suffers an untimely death.

Naturally, Meredith and her wacky team of lovable misfits set out to find the murderer among a sinister cast of mobsters and drug dealers.

This new adventure involving Meredith and her lovable kooky friends is every bit as entertaining as The Mad House on Sutton Place, the first book in this series.

ISBN: 978-1-61720-354-1