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The National League of American Pen Women

The National League of American Pen women has been in existence since 1897. I'm proud to be a member and the treasurer of the Boca Raton, Florida branch.This organization celebrates female artists, writers and musicians. There are 80 branches within the USA, so my female friends - if you are creative and want to spend…
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Mother’s Day.

Before I forget, I want to wish all mothers, aunts, grandmothers, and female caregivers and very Happy Mother's Day.I even want to thank the men who have taken over the roll of mother for their help in filling that void. If you have a special person you want to thank, let's hear from you. Barbara
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What happened to feeling safe?

Good morning everyone. Been watching the local Florida news this morning and all I hear is stabbings, shootings, and robberies.I don't know where many of you live, but I'm finding the violence is escalating. They even reported that a supervisor in a senior facility was caught stealing from the residents. Now how low can you…
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