Do I Flaunt My Fat, Or Jump Off A Bridge -needs producer for TV [email protected]

Screenplay written and created by: Barbara Bixon
Sabina Sunday’s life is a depressing mess. Her last girlfriend is getting married,
she has no love life, and she’s 100 pounds overweight and working as a bookkeeper in a
modeling agency filled with skinny women. Added to that misery and pain, she’s still
living at home with her nagging, old mother.
When Sabina overhears one of her bosses refer to her as “That Fat Sausage,” his
crushing insult spurs her into action. Within days she joins three weight loss centers, gets
rid of the chocolate bars she’s stashed in her bedroom, and goes on a crash diet. At a
Weight Watchers meeting, Sabina meets Thomas Cerrone, a psychiatrist who over eats
because he can’t cope with his patient’s problems. Much to the dislike of Sabina’s Jewish
mother and Thomas’s Italian father, the two of them quickly bond as diet buddies. To
compound the chaos, two of Thomas’s patients are murdered, and in order to keep the
Italian and her daughter apart, Mama and her comic band of cronies try to pin the crimes
on him.
While Mama is plotting and being bailed out of a jail cell filled with prostitutes,
Sabina accidentally becomes a successful plus-size model. Matters become even more
complicated when Weight Watchers offers her a contract to become their spokesperson.
Now Sabina has to decide if she wants to remain fat, or take the weight off like she’s
always wanted to do. Sabina’s boss, Mr. Diddles Sr. ultimately makes the decision for
her. He not only accepts Weight Watcher’s proposal, he convinces the clothing firm to
design and create new lines for Sabina as she sheds the pounds.
When Thomas and Sabina are accosted by the murderer and Thomas is stabbed,
the two lonely people finally realize their friendship has turned into true love.
Do I Flaunt My Fat, or Jump Off a Bridge is a unique story that combines comedy
with romance and mystery.

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